Best Baby Hair Brush Of 2020

Taming a baby's hair is no easy task. Despite what all of those product advertisements and parent magazines tell you, babies hardly ever look photo-ready.

Your bundle of joy's hair will be put through the wringer every day no matter how long or short it is.

With all the messes that babies make, it's important to stick to a strict grooming regime. It's not just about making your baby look as cute as a button. Proper hair grooming can also keep your child's scalp in good health.

A high-quality brush is an important tool to have in your grooming arsenal. The best baby hair brush can keep those soft locks under control while keeping your youngster comfortable and healthy.

Does Your Baby Even Need a Brush?

You may be wonder: "Do I really need to invest in a hairbrush?" Most babies aren't blessed with a full head of hair at birth. Even if they are, most of that soft fluffy hair will fall out during the first few months of life. 

This happens because of hormonal changes shortly after birth. Your baby is suddenly exposed to the big open world and isn't getting all of the same hormones as they were in the womb.

Their body tends to react a bit strangely. Hormonal fluctuations are very common, which may result in patchy bald spots all around their head. Even mothers experience after giving birth. 

Whether your baby is born with a lot of hair or a few small patches of fuzz, it's still a good idea to brush their hair regularly. Babies often experience a condition called cradle cap.

The exact causes of cradle cap are still being debated, but it's generally agreed that those hormonal changes that happen after birth are to blame.

Cradle cap can show up just a week after birth and last for many months. You'll notice flaky skin on the scalp. Despite its flaky nature, these little flecks will feel oily.

While they may not look all that comfortable, the condition doesn't hurt babies in any way. Typically, cradle cap will clear itself up over time. However, you can speed up the process with regular brushing to stimulate the scalp.

The Benefits of Using a Baby Hair Brush

In addition to helping address cradle cap, brushing can benefit your baby a number of different ways.

Scalp Stimulation

The sensation of soft bristles gliding against your baby's scalp isn't just comfortable, it's also beneficial to their overall development.

Something as simple a brushing can stimulate blood flow in the scalp. This helps to nourish the follicles and may ultimately serve to promote hair growth. It's a great way to set your little tyke up for a life of healthy hair.

Brushing their head can also help to develop the nervous system. Newborn babies get exposed to a lot of new sensations during their first few months of life.

The nervous system connects the feeling of touch to their brain. Regular scalp massages with a brush may strengthen the nervous system and help develop your baby's brain functions


Who doesn't like a relaxing massage? If your baby is ever in a fussy mood, give hair brushing a try. The unique sensation they feel is brand new to them.

Not only can it distract them from whatever negative emotions they're feeling, but brushing may also feel therapeutic. It's surprising how quickly brushing can make crying babies feel calm and quiet.


Last, but certainly not least, there's the benefit of grooming. Babies can get pretty messy. I'm always surprised by the things stuck I find in my little girl's hair.

Whether it's dried baby formula, spit-up, or some other sticky substance your baby gets into, the mess needs to be cleaned up quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of exposing your baby to bacteria and yeast infections.

Brushing your baby's hair should be a normal part of the grooming routine. It can help speed up hair drying times after a bath and remove any stubborn particles that get stuck.

When it's time for your little girl or boy to be the center of attention, you'll also be glad that you have a brush to help them look their best.

How to Choose the Best Baby Hair Brush

Baby hair brushes are specifically designed for the needs of young babies. As a result, they have unique features you won't find on an adult product.

It's important that you avoid using hard-toothed combs or brushes made for adults, as the material and overall design could injure your baby. To ensure that your brush is safe and efficient, here are some things to consider.


Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to is the bristles. Hard and rigid bristles with no give will not help your baby.

Instead of massaging the scalp, tough bristles will scrape the skin. No one wants to deal with that, so you need to stick with softer alternatives. There are two main types of baby brushes available.

Soft-bristled brushes are incredibly comfortable on the skin. They're typically made of very thin bristles that can flex if any amount of pressure is placed on them. This unique design makes it a great option for managing ultra-fine baby hairs.

Also available are massaging brushes. As the name would suggest, these products are designed for scalp massages rather than hair brushing.

While they certainly can get the job done, the bristle design isn't the best for babies with longer hair. These brushes usually have thicker bristles that are spaced farther apart. They may also have smooth massaging balls on the end.


The material of your baby brush can affect how your baby responds to it. For example, babies with allergies may not be able to use brushes with certain types of plastic in them. Keep this in mind when you're choosing any product that's going to make direct skin contact.

Luckily, brushes can be made out a number of materials. Most have synthetic bristles with plastic handles. Others use natural animal hairs, wood, rubber, or silicone.

Maintenance Requirements

Brushes can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. If your baby is suffering from cradle cap, it'll more than likely collect dead skin each time you use it. It's important to clean the brush regularly.

To make the process as simple as possible, you can go with brushes that are easy to clean.

These would include plastic varieties with considerable space between the brushes. Some materials, such as animal hair and wood, are a bit harder to clean. Though, it is manageable.

Top Baby Hair Brushes

You won't have any problem finding a suitable brush for your child. There are many great options on the market. Here's a selection of brushes that you can use to keep your baby looking cute.

Summer Infant Brush and Comb Set

This haircare set from Summer Infant provides you with the tools you need in a couple of different hair situations.

The large brush is ideal for smoothing out unmanageable hair. The plastic bristles are soft to the touch and easily flex as they glide across the skin. The brush is packed with bristles, so it can also be used for gentle massages.

The comb offers a bit more grooming control. Also made out of plastic, the teeth have rounded tips that won't snag. There are teeth of varying widths as well. This allows you to detangle the hair with a single tool.


  • check
    Includes soft bristle brush
  • Comb has rounded teeth for comfort
  • Made out of durable plastic
  • Contoured for hand comfort


  • exclamation-triangle
    Brush isn't the easiest to clean
  • May trigger allergies in some babies

Natemia Wooden Hair Brush

The wooden hair brush from Natemia is beautifully designed. It features an ergonomic handle made out of beech wood. It has been sanded and finished to create a smooth surface that's comfortable to hold.

The bristles are made out of soft goat hair. There are a lot of bristles installed onto the head of the brush. This creates a large surface area to control flyaways and fine hair.


  • check
    Dense bristle design
  • Real goat hair bristles
  • Beech wood handle
  • Contoured for hand comfort


  • exclamation-triangle
    Bristles can hold onto water
  • Slightly heavier than plastic options

OCCOBaby 3-Piece Hair Brush and Comb Set

If you're looking for a brush set that you can keep long after your baby grows up, consider this option from OCCOBaby.

All three of the accessories included are made out of beautiful bamboo wood and hypoallergenic materials. There is no harmful glue used, which is great for babies with allergies.

The soft-bristle brush has real goat hair. The bristles are placed very close together, ensuring that every piece of hair on your baby's head can be controlled. The included massaging brush is also quite effective.

It has wooden bristles with a rounded ball on the end. The base of the brush features flexible rubber, which helps the wooden bristles move with the shape of your baby's scalp.


  • check
    Includes separate massaging brush
  • Made of natural hypoallergenic materials
  • Goat hair bristles
  • Detangling comb has gentle rounded teeth
  • Very dense brush head


  • exclamation-triangle
    Bristles can hold onto water
  • May be difficult to clean

Yarra Modes Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set‚Äč

With this hair set, you can keep your baby's locks under control while also giving them a comforting scalp massage. The brush has natural goat hair bristles. They are installed directly into the tea wood handle.

This manufacturing process can help minimize bristle shedding while also improving the brush's performance. The base of the bristles are relatively firm, allowing you to detangle hair and guide it in the right direction.

The included comb also has some great features. The teeth are smoothed over so that they don't scratch the skin. There are also U-shaped grooves in between each tooth. This can help to prevent any snagging once your baby's hair gets a little bit longer.


  • check
    Made of hypoallergenic tea wood
  • Goat hair bristles
  • Smooth tooth comb
  • Bristles installed directly into wooden base
  • Doesn't include many common allergens


  • exclamation-triangle
    Bristles may be difficult to clean

Fephas Wooden Hair Brush Set

Made entirely out of eco-friendly materials, the Fephas hair brush is a great option for any child. The base of the brush is made out of renewable beech wood.

The bristles are all soft goat hair, which is gentle on the skin. To tackle fine hair, the brush is very dense. There are no discernable gaps for hair to slip through.

All of the materials on the brush are also hypoallergenic. There is no BPA, formaldehyde, or VOC-releasing glues.

The great thing about this set is that it comes with a silicone brush. Designed for bath time, the small brush can be used to massage your baby's scalp and treat cradle cap. The tiny bristles can help to remove skin flakes. Best of all, it's very easy to clean and dry.


  • check
    Made of eco-friendly beech wood
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Soft goat hair bristles
  • Dense bristle count
  • Includes silicone bath brush


  • exclamation-triangle
    Bristles may be difficult to clean
  • Doesn't include comb


Having a reliable baby brush on hand can prove to be very useful whenever your baby needs a bit of grooming and comfort.

All of the previous brush options can serve you quite well. However, there is one product that may provide you with more bang for your buck. 

The brush set from OCCObaby is very well-made. The fact that all of the accessories in the set use hypoallergenic materials is great. There are no potentially dangerous chemicals you have to worry about.

The goat hair bristles are soft and comfortable on your baby's head. The thing that really sets this option apart from the others is the inclusion of a dedicated massaging brush. You can use this brush to calm your baby down or treat cradle cap. 

While the bristle brush can certainly be used for massages as well, its dense bristles make it very difficult to clean.

The massaging brush, however, has plenty of space to provide a thorough cleaning and get rid of any skin flakes that may accumulate. Overall, the set has all the features to benefit your baby.

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