Best Baby Monitor For Twins Of 2017

A baby monitor keeps tabs on your twins when you are not in the house. The simplest of them transmits audio only. However, current baby monitors transmit video images and sound at the same time. Some, the most advanced, will track the movement of your babies, their heart rate, body temperature and oxygen level.

These monitors are created with a transmitter fitted in the room with the babies and a portable receiver that the mom carries. Some monitors are designed to work with computers, smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to monitor your babies wherever you are.

Why Do You Need Monitors for Twins?

For babies that live in another room away from their parents, a monitor comes in handy. This is especially true if you wake up at night to feed them, comfort them and change them. They are ideal for naps; when your kid is sleeping in another room and you are occupied somewhere.

To ensure that you get the best results, keep the audio monitor between three and ten feet from your baby’s crib. This allows them to pick every sigh, wail or gurgle. You can then carry the receiver everywhere in your house.

Video monitors also need to be positioned close to the baby to get a good image. Trial and error allows you get the ideal position for the monitor. Even better, you will be offered a manual, allowing you to set up the monitor with ease.

Some monitors need to be connected to the baby’s body to track temperature and other factors. Some need to be placed beneath the mattress for effective results. The connection cords should be at least three feet away from the baby.

Are There Any Flaws with Baby Monitors?

While these units are indispensable, they have their flaws. In some cases, concrete walls will block signals. Phone signals might interfere with reception, producing distorted images. The receiver can pick signals from your neighbors, and your neighbors can also pick signals from your monitor. Granted, you will need a unit with good security features.

If you choose a monitor that uses Wi-Fi, it will only work in a place with internet connection. If the unit runs on 3G/4G, it will not work where your phone doesn’t get bars.

Choosing the Best Baby Monitor for your Twins – Factors to Consider:


Do you need digital or analog monitors? While analog monitors are cost-effective and easy to set up, they are less secure; anyone in range will have access to the signal.

Digital models, on the other hand, are safe as they encrypt audio transmission, making it a challenge for people to eavesdrop. Some digital monitors are offered with digital lock, which lets you encrypt video images.

To ensure that other devices do not interfere with the signal transmission, choose a device that uses digital enhanced cordless technology, DECT.

Audio or Video?

Audio only monitors are the simplest. They allow you to keep tabs on your babies when they are napping, or at night when they are sleeping. They are less expensive compared to video monitors. These monitors take up less space next to your baby.

Video monitors offer you a wide range of options. They are offered in different screen sizes and night vision and cameras that pan and zoom. You can monitor your twins from work or from anywhere. Some of these units can also track the temperature and heart rate of your baby while some predict when your baby will wake up.

For effectiveness, choose a video monitor with two cameras to cover a wide range.


Frequency determines the range of audio or video transmission. Basic models use about 49MHz. High-end models offer about 900MHz.

While the latter allows transmission over a long range, they are subject to interference from other devices such as cordless phones that might be using the same frequency.

To ensure this problem does not affect them, most baby monitors are now being offered with 2.4GHz. Even with this high frequency, newer mobile devices have also adopted the same frequency and interference is still there.

Units that use 1.9 GHz accommodate DECT, making them ideal for use even with a significant amount of interference. They are also more secure.


While some units transmit video or audio to a mobile device you already have, some come with a smaller receiver that you carry around. You might need a big receiver for clarity, but when you need a unit to carry around, a smaller receiver comes in handy.

Low-Battery Indicator

If the batteries run out, you will not hear your little ones cry. A monitor that signals you when the battery is low is, therefore, recommendable. Most monitors use an alarm or flashing lights to signal you when the battery is running out.

Multiple Transmitters and Receivers

You can find multi-room systems that monitor two or more rooms. Some even monitor different parts of the same room, which makes them ideal for twins not sleeping on the same bed. If you are offered an extra receiver, it will ensure that someone else can help you keep tabs on the twins.

Some receivers are designed with sound activated light. When you miss the whimper of your twins, the receiver lights up, and you can, therefore, take a keen interest in what is happening.


Most basic models cost as low as $25 while advanced models will cost up to $300. There are also price differences between monitors in the same class from different manufacturers. 

Baby Monitor Reviews

UU Infant Video Baby Monitor

This is a video monitor offered with a 2.4-inch LCD color screen for quality videos. You can see your baby during the day and the night. With a wide camera vision, you can monitor twins with much ease. It offers 2-way talk back communication, allowing you to talk to your twins through the mic.

The unit uses 2.4GHz signal, which is not only stable but also private. This signal is interference-free, allowing you clear views all the time. You will get clear signals up to 980 feet away as long as there are no blocks.

The monitor features a 950mAh high capacity battery that provides you up to 12 hours of constant monitoring. With the display screen on, the unit will last up to 6 hours. The unit is designed easy to operate.

You can expand the connection up to 4 baby units and zoom to get a closer look of your baby. The unit features an alarm function, room temperature display, and low battery and range indicators. The receiver will show LED lights when the baby produces any sound.

What We Liked

  • check
    Easy to operate
  • check
    Gives a wide view with the ability to zoom in, making it ideal for twins
  • check
    Long-lasting rechargeable battery

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Relatively pricey
  • exclamation-triangle
    The night camera mode is low-quality

Willcare Audio Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a reliable audio unit, the Willcare Audio Baby Monitor might be a good choice. It is offered to connect to your baby closely. The unit uses 2.5GHz wireless technology, offering stable and private signals. With the noise reduction microphone, you will get crystal clear sound with no interference.

The unit has a talk back feature, which allows you to talk to your babies through the microphone. It sports a night light, which can comfort your baby in the darkness of night. This night light can be switched on or off from the receiver.

The unit is designed to distinguish between different sounds keeping you from unnecessary disturbances. When the noise near the babies’ crib gets below 40 decibels, Smart ECO feature will be enabled to reduce background noise. This ensures that you get the slightest noise that the baby makes.

When using the unit outdoors, it operates at a range of 1000 feet or less, and when operating it indoors, it operates up to 160ft. The baby unit, transmitter, needs to stay plugged in while the parent unit can last up to 20 hours on battery. It features a strong 600mAh battery.

What We Liked

  • check
    Picks even low noise
  • check
    Relatively less expensive
  • check
    Minimalist design for ease of use

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The signal is poor when more than two walls separate the receiver and the transmitter

Fredi Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

This is a professional surveillance unit that comes handy when you have twins or even triplets. While most other units are ‘plug and play’, with this unit, you will need Wi-Fi setup via a smartphone with a supplied app. This is an extra step, but it allows you to monitor your babies from the comfort of your smartphone. The manufacturer provides a video showing how to set it up.

You are offered a sleek camera with a 185-degree viewing angle. This makes it an ideal unit when you want to monitor an entire room. The unit comes with a super large 128G local storage. You can store the videos and share them with family and friends.

Fredi Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor detects movements. Motion detectors pick up even the slightest movements, take pictures and send it to your phone. This makes the unit perfect for surveillance. The unit also features IR-CUT filter for high-quality images with true display.

FREDI lets you return units that do not meet your expectations within 90 days. You also get 12 months free warranty. 

What We Liked

  • check
    High-resolution camera for quality images
  • check
    Allows you to monitor babies from your smartphone
  • check
    Uses Wi-Fi and, therefore, transmits over a long range
  • check
    Detects movements

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Comparatively expensive
  • exclamation-triangle
    Setup takes longer compared to other units

Smilism Night Vision Video Baby Monitor

The Smilism Night Vision Video Baby Monitor is one of the highest rated video baby monitors. The unit comes as an upgrade to an earlier model. Released in 2017, this unit is created with a 2.4-inch quality screen. This shows you real-time videos and audio. The LEDs on the unit allows you to track the level of activity inside the babies’ room.

With two-way talk, you can talk to your little one and comfort them. You can rotate the camera 360 degrees, allowing great coverage. The camera can be tilted up to 60 degrees to fit any needs.

The battery offered with the unit can last up to 12 hours. When there is no activity on the parent unit, the unit screen goes off and only comes on when sound is detected. With Infrared night vision, the camera adjusts to the level of light in the room to deliver to you great images any time of the day. This makes it an ideal choice when your babies live in a different room from you.

The monitor comes with a temperature sensor, letting you keep track of the babies’ room temperature. Before sleep, the monitor will lull your baby to sleep with three lullabies. The zoom in function allows you to get a closer look.

What We Liked

  • check
    Offered at a great price-quality ratio
  • check
    Fitted with highly sensitive temperature sensors
  • check
    Lulls your babies to sleep

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Initial setup takes relatively longer

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The unique features offered in this monitor is that you can interchange the optical lenses to control the viewing angle and the zoom. It is offered with a large 3.5-inch full-color LCD display. The screen is sleek and compact with a retractable antenna. The receiver lights go on when the baby produces any sound.

You can remotely pan, zoom and tilt the camera for clear views. The unit lasts for up to 10 hours when the screen is on sleep mode and up to 6 hours with the screen on. You are offered a wide angle lens, sold separately, making this an ideal unit for twins.

An optical zoom lens allows you for great quality images.

What We Liked

  • check
    Wide angle views for monitoring twins
  • check
    Easy setup
  • check
    Remote control for convenience

What We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Cameral quality relatively low


The Smilism Night Vision Video Baby Monitor is the winner in this roundup. It is offered with a great camera, allowing you clear images wherever you are. The camera is highly adjustable, letting you monitor a whole room or a section of your room. The upgraded function offers a better battery quality, sturdy construction and more twin monitoring features.

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