Best Baby Nail Clippers Of 2020

When it came to cutting my baby’s nails for the first time I was a nervous wreck. What if I cut them too short or what if I cut his finger? In order to get the job done right you are going to need to find the best baby nail clippers.

Why Do You Need The Best Baby Nail Clippers?

Babies have very little control over their hands when they are first born. For this reason, they are always touching their faces and if their nails are too long they can scratch themselves.

These scratches can look quite nasty. You want to cut their nails about once a week or so, depending on how fast their nails grow.

Purchasing a new pair of nail clippers for your baby may seem wasteful when chances are that you have a perfectly good pair of clippers at home.

However, a baby’s fingers are much tinier and you cannot use large adult nail clippers and expect to get a good result.

Even when you have the proper sized nail clippers it can be hard to cut a baby’s nails without cutting the finger. In fact, the first time I cut my baby’s nails I cut way to short and he screamed in pain.

 I didn’t think that I had hit skin, but blood formed on the fingertip and I felt awful. If I had used adult clippers instead I cannot even imagine how much larger the cut would have been.

Types of Baby Clippers

When it comes to choosing baby clippers, there are several types available. The traditional style looks similar to the ones that you typically use yourself.

There are also nail scissors available. In addition, there are battery powered clippers that can be used to trim the nails of your baby.

When your baby is young, nail scissors work well because the nails are thin. Scissors allow you to cut the end and then peel the rest of the nail off. They also provide better visibility.

The main drawback to using scissors is they do not work well when your baby gets a bit older. This means that you will really only get a few months out of scissors as opposed to the many years that you will get from baby nail clippers.

What You Should Look For

There are simple baby nail clippers that work just found. However, in this tech fueled world there are many great features of baby nail clippers. Here are a few of the optional features that you may want to consider.

LED Light

Having a light on your baby nail clippers will allow you to see when you are about to cut their skin. In addition, it will allow you to cut your baby’s nails when you are in a dark room. This is nice because it is much easier to cut the nails of a sleeping baby.

Battery Powered

If you want to keep things simple, a battery powered baby nail clipper set will allow you to simply hold the trimmer up against the baby’s nail and it will do all of the work.

It works by smoothing out the nail instead of actually cutting it. These are easy to use and help to avoid any accidental cuts.

Magnifying Glasses

Adding a magnifying glass to baby nail clippers makes it easier to see what you are doing. It will make the finger appear larger, which prevents you from accidentally cutting your baby’s skin.

Fun Designs

Colors and fun character designs can help alleviate some of your children’s anxiety about getting their nails trimmed as they get older.

Emery Boards

There are some baby nail trimmers that have emery boards. This allows you to smooth out any jagged edges that clipping the nails leave behind.

This is good because at times your baby will find a way to scratch themselves when you leave jagged edges on their nails.

Spy Holes

Spy holes are great because they allow you to get a look at what you are going to cut before you actually make the cut. This helps to prevent you from accidentally cutting your baby’s finger.

Curved Edges

Some of the best nail clippers for babies offer a curved edge. This curved edge makes it much easier to cut your baby’s nails and avoid cutting anything that you should not.


You want to make sure that you choose a pair of baby nail clippers that they have a good grip. A good grip will ensure that you hold on to the clippers tightly and they do not slip when you are trying to cut your baby’s nails.

When it comes down to it, purchasing a special pair of nail clippers for your baby may seem frivolous.

However, once you start to cut your baby’s nails for the first time you will realize how important a good pair of baby nail clippers can be.

Top 5 Best Baby Nail Clippers

With all of the choices of nail clippers out there it can be difficult to decide which ones are the right ones for your particular needs. Here is a list of 5 of the top best baby nail clippers to help narrow down your choices.

1. Safety 1st Steady Grip Clipper

In order to give your child’s nails a good clip you do not need all of the bells and whistles that many of the fancier trimmers have.

The steady grip clipper from Safety 1st provides a simple edge that is curved, which is perfect for safeguarding the corners of your child’s fingertips.

These simple and straightforward baby nail clippers are perfect for just about everyone.


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    Affordable: these grip clippers come at a price that is affordable, which makes it easier to justify adding another pair of nail clippers into your home to use for your child.
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    Easy to Use: these are straightforward nail clippers that are simple to use.
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    Grip: these baby nail clippers have a grip on the handle. This keeps your fingers from slipping off while you are trying to trim your baby’s nails.


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    Not very sharp: these clippers are not very sharp. This at times makes it difficult to get through thicker nails.
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    Do not Last Long: these clippers are at the lower end when it comes to quality. While they are perfectly capable of cutting your baby’s nails, they do not last as long as some of the other baby nail clippers on this list.

2. Baby Nail Scissors by Piyo Piyo

If you want to try nail scissors instead of clippers, this is a great choice. These come with a safety cover to ensure they are safe when they are not being used. ​

The handle for these fits well in both hands, so these are ideal for left handers as well. Many people find that scissors are easier to maneuver and provide a great cut.


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    Easy to use: these nail scissors are quite simple to use and provide you with a clear view of your baby’s nails.
  • Rounded tips: rounded tips on the edges of these scissors provide a further safety measure when using them on your baby’s delicate fingers.
  • Safety cover: the cover makes it easy to store these anywhere. You can even place them in a diaper bag and without worrying about getting cut when you reach in.


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    Price: when it comes to baby nail clippers and scissors, these are on the more expensive side.
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    Use: can only be used for a few months as they are not made for using on thicker nails.

3. Safety Nail Clippers by Baby Comfy Care

If you are truly nervous about cutting your baby’s nails, these might be the best choice for you. These safety baby nail clippers use a single blade that provides foolproof control over cutting those tiny nails.

The ledge located under the blade helps keep the skin out of the area when you press down on it to clip the nails. This can help to ease some of the anxiety that you may be having over cutting your baby’s nails.


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    Safety: the safety feature of these clippers make it much easier to cut your baby’s nails without cutting their skin, helping to alleviate some stress and anxiety you may be feeling.
  • Bright Colors: the bright colors of these clippers make them much easier to find in a cluttered drawer or diaper bag.
  • Quick: these nail clippers make the process of trimming your baby’s nails much faster


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    Price: these nail clippers for your baby cost a bit more than a basic pair
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    Time: these clippers are only good through the first year or so as they are not tough enough to cut through thicker nails.

4. Electric Baby Nail Clippers by Little Martin’s Drawer

For mom’s who are truly worried about cutting their baby’s fingers, electric nail clippers are often the best option.

The automation from a pair of electronic nail clippers help to provide you with more control and will speed up the whole process. There are several reasons that this set of electric nail clippers is on the list.


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    Versatile: these clippers are extremely versatile. They have 3 sandpapers that can be switched out and used for children. An LED light and a quiet motor allow you to use these when your child is asleep.
  • Adults can also use this set of nail clippers as there are attachments that come with it designed for adults.
  • Easy to operate: these clippers start with a push of a button and use 2 AA batteries. Multiple speeds ensure you get the best trim for your baby’s nails.


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    Practice: it may take some time to get used to using these clippers as they do not work in the same way as traditional clippers.
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not rechargeable: these use AA batteries and are not rechargeable, so you will need to replace the batteries often.

5. NailFrida by Fridababy

Small babies have small fingernails and if you are worried about trimming them, this may be the perfect choice of nail clipper for you.

The NailFrida by Fridababy provides all types of safety features to help put your mind at ease when your baby’s nails need trimmed.


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    Design: these clippers were made for the smallest of babies. This makes them a great choice for preemies.
  • Set: includes both a nail file and a nail clipper, which allows you to trim and clean up the nails each and every time you clip them.
  • Spyhole: the spyhole will allow you to see exactly what you are clipping so that you can avoid cutting those tiny little fingers.


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    Size: the clippers are quite large, which can make it seem a bit bulky and more difficult to hold than some of the other options on this list.
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    Use: these are great for those tiny babies as they were designed with preemies in mind. This means that you will need to upgrade to a different pair quite quickly.


When it comes to the best baby nail clippers, my vote goes to the Safety 1st Steady Grip clippers. These clippers offer a simple design and are straightforward to use. Personally, this is what I prefer.

In addition, these clippers will last a long time so you feel like you are truly getting your money’s worth. The other clippers on this list are great as well.

If you feel like you need a light or want a spy hole so that you know exactly where you are clipping, choose one of the baby nail clippers that provide these features.

Just remember, learning how to cut your baby’s nails may take some time. This skill does not just come naturally to everyone and you will need to practice.

If you accidentally cut your baby’s fingers, do not worry too much about it as they will heal quite quickly and I promise that they are never going to remember that tiny cut.

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