Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Of 2020

Breastfeeding benefits the health of babies and mothers, but for those who pump, those nutrients are spoiled if the milk isn't stored properly. There are many containers designed for breast milk on the market today. This review helps narrow down five of the best breast milk storage bags.

Pumping Methods

The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests you practice pumping first so you can become comfortable with it. This practice, if you're returning to work or have other obligations, should begin a week or so prior.

When you first pump, you may not produce a lot of milk. It is something that improves over time the more often you pump. As for methods, there are three typical ways to express breast milk: hand massage, manual pump, or electric pump (further details). Hand compressing and using a manual pump require more practice and skill than an electric pump. Also, with electric pumps, double pumping can produce twice the milk.

You should go with the option that works best for you and take in the price as electric pumps are easily the most expensive method.

Using Storage Bags

There are breast milk storage bags designed for use with a breast pump. Some are made alongside a specific brand, and others can be used across with various pumps. If you're using a bag not designed to work with a pump, then take care when pouring the milk. This YouTube video demonstrates a good method of pouring into a storage bag while keeping as many air bubbles out as possible.

Many storage bags are designed to stand upright when filled with milk. Some people opt for storing it the same way in a refrigerator or freezer, while others prefer to lay them down. Either way, the milk should stay safe. Here is another YouTube video that demonstrates both upright and flat positions. The video also shows how to eliminate air bubbles as well.

Material: Glass or Plastic?

Both glass and hard plastic have been approved as adequate for storing breast milk. It may be a good idea to look for products specifically made for breast milk storage rather than pick something from home. Be sure that the containers are BPA-free. To be on the safe side, it has been suggested to use a hard plastic food storage container with a sealed lid as extra protection when storing milk.

Qualities to Look for in Storage Containers

In the case with most milk storage bags, you will be pouring into a bottle for your baby to feed. So, having a pour spout is convenient. It isn't exactly necessary, but it does lessen the risk of accidental spills and saves you from cleaning up a mess. Further mess is adverted with bags that are durable and leak-proof. Those with a stand-up bottom also prevent spills. If you want more versatility and eliminate mess altogether, then look to bags that can connect directly to a bottle.

A zipper seal is ideal for preserving freshness and reducing the risk of spills. Some storage bags come cap-sealed instead, which is also good at preserving the milk. If you choose to store for the long haul in a freezer, searching for products that are freezer-safe can help your milk last even longer while maintaining the proper nutrients.

When you store milk, you should always mark the date. If your child is headed off to another care provider such as a day care, then adding their name helps as well (additional info here). Some breast milk storage containers come with enough space to label them easily. What can be even better, are storage bags that have a space specifically for labeling. This can save time, and it can also make it easier to find and read the date and name of the baby.

Temperature and Storage Time

At room temperature (77ºF max), breast milk can last up to six hours. It is suggested, however, to use within four hours, more so if the room is warm (additional info here).

If you have an insulated cooler with ice packs in them, then you should be able to keep viable milk in there for a day. As for a refrigerator 39ºF or colder, five days is okay, but it's recommended that you use it or freeze it for best results within three days.

Freezers and deep freezers can safely hold breast milk the longest. In a freezer around 0ºF or colder, clean milk can stay safe up to nine months. Milk quality may not be as high, however. As for the deep freezer, it has to be around the range of -4ºF or colder.

Properly sealed breast milk can last up to 12 months. Just like with the regular freezer, though, the quality may suffer, so it's optimal to thaw and use the milk within six months. The longer milk is stored in both the refrigerator and the freezer, the less Vitamin C it may contain.

Our Top 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Storage Bags

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Storage Bags

The Medela Pump & Save Storage Bags come with two connect adapters, which makes them easily compatible with all Medela breast pumps. Each part that may come into contact with milk is BPA-free for safety.

The bags have a stand-up bottom to help prevent spills and aid in seeing whatever label you apply with ease when stored. They also have an easy-close zipper lock. However, as it is only a single zipper lock, if not sealed correctly, milk can get trapped and leak out. You have to take care when closing these bags.

For fridge and freezer protection, Medela bags are designed with a protective oxygen barrier. It makes them easier to freeze and thaw in addition to preserving all the nutrients and vitamins in the breast milk.

The Medela bags, at times, are not the simplest to pour from as they lack a proper pour spout. Because of this design, you should take caution when transferring the milk from bags to bottles to reduce the risk of spills.

What We Liked

  • Pump directly into the bag to lessen clean-up and spills
  • Protective oxygen barrier protects vitamins and nutrients
  • Sturdy design to prevent leaks

What We Didn't Like

  • Ounce measurements on bags are not accurate
  • Lacks a pour spout, which can make pouring from the bag messy
  • Can be too small for those who pump a lot of milk

​Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags

​Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags

The Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags are all pre-sterilized, and they are both BPA and BPS-free to allow you to store your breast milk in a more hygienic environment. For quick and easy access to the bags, they come with a tissue pack-like dispenser.

The bottoms of these bags are not exactly designed to fully stand up on their own without being helped by other bags. However, they can lie flat and be stacked, which can contribute to saving on storage space.

Lansinoh bags have a durable and leak-proof design. They double their efforts in preventing leaks with their patented Click 'n' Secure seal. In other words, they use a double zipper seal rather than one. If the bags are filled, milk that may slip through the first zipper will get trapped before the second zipper.

That milk remains fresh. For your convenience, the bags are also designed with a built-in pour spout, allowing you to transfer milk from the bag to bottles with ease and no mess. Lastly, the bags have a space on the top reserved for labeling of the date, name, and ounces.

What We Liked

  • Bags are pre-sterilized and medical grade
  • Built-in pour spout makes transferring easier and cleaner
  • Double zipper seal ensures the bags won't leak from the top

What We Didn't Like

  • Can have a plastic-like smell which can quickly turn people off
  • Sometimes the bags can leak during the thawing process
  • Can fall over and spill milk

​Tommee Tippee Pump & Go 6 Ounce Milk Storage Bags

​Tommee Tippee Pump & Go 6 Ounce Milk Storage Bags

The BPA-free and pre-sterilized Pump & Go bags are designed to be highly versatile. With the adapter set that is sold separately, the bags can fit most major brands of breast pumps so that you don't have to transfer the milk into a bottle and then into the bags. For protection, while stored it has a screw-top lid.

Tommee Tippee has also designed their bags so that no drop is wasted. If you have all the necessary accessories, you will not have to transfer any milk at all. The bags can securely fit a Pump & Go Breast Milk Pouch Bottle.

As such, you can pump directly into the bag, secure the screw-top lid to heat, and then attach the nipple to feed. The nipple used is also a Closer to Nature Slow-Flow to ease the transition from breast to bottle. This design helps save space and time.​

What We Liked

  • Can be attached to most major brands of breast pumps
  • Bags are pre-sterilized for safety
  • Can attach to bottle nipple, so no transfer is needed

What We Didn't Like

  • Measurements do not reflect actual amount unless bag is full
  • Bags can be flimsy
  • Screw-top lids can take up storage space

Kiinde Twist 8 Ounce Milk Storage Pouches

Kiinde Twist 8 Ounce Milk Storage Pouches

With the Kiinde Twist Storage Pouches, you can simply collect, store, and feed all from a single pouch. The twist lock is capable of fitting all major brands of breast pumps as long as you use the appropriate adapter that is sold separately. The pouches are pre-sterilized, BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. For protection against leaks, they use a secure threaded cap.

The Twist Pouches are designed to be self-standing, or they can just lie flat depending on how you wish to store them. They can freeze and thaw rather fast as well. For quick and easy labeling, the pouches come with a visible label surface.

The Twist Pouches also connect to the Kiinde Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle so that you don't have to transfer from pouches into bottles, running the risk of spilling. For those looking for an eco-friendly solution, the pouches and caps are recyclable.​

What We Liked

  • With adapter, they can connect with any brand of breast pumps
  • Connects to Kiinde feeding bottle to eliminate the need for transfers
  • Can be recycled for an eco-friendly solution

What We Didn't Like

  • Volume lines on pouches can be extremely off
  • May leak when defrosting
  • Can have a plastic-like smell after thawing

NUK Seal 'n Go Milk Storage Bags

NUK Seal 'n Go Milk Storage Bags

The 6 oz. Seal 'n Go Storage bags are 100% leak-proof. They are built with a thick, durable material to help withstand spills and preserve milk, and they have a superior oxygen barrier to aid in making the bags freezer safe.

NUK Storage Bags are self-standing as well for easy storage whether in a refrigerator or freezer. However, when the bags are filled, the bottom can sometimes become inverted. This can throw measurements off in addition to making the bags easier to topple over.​

What helps make these NUK Storage Bags leak proof are the extra wide, double zipper seals. These seals keep milk safely in the bag while also aiding in eliminating air bubbles. Right above the zipper seal is a large, easy-to-read label surface so you can quickly mark any milk information needed.​

What We Liked

  • Oxygen barrier helps make the bags freezer safe
  • Double zipper seals prevents leaks and eliminates air bubbles
  • Self-standing for easy upright storage

What We Didn't Like

  • After being frozen, they may leak during thawing process
  • Lacks a pour spout, so you have to be cautious to prevent spills during transfer
  • When filled, bottom can become inverted, making it easy to knock over


There are plenty of storage bags on the market, but we feel that the Tommee Tippee Pump & Go Storage Bags land at the top of the best breast milk storage bags list. Not only can you pump directly into these bags using most major breast pump brands.

But you can also store, heat, and feed from the bags as long as you have the proper accessories. They can be on the expensive side, but we feel that for the mothers out there seeking a more versatile product, the value makes the price worth it.​

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