Best Bubble Machine Of 2020

What child doesn't love bubbles? A bubble machine is a great way to add some whimsy to your youngster's day. Whether you have a baby or an imaginative toddler, the best bubble machine can keep them entertained for hours on end.

Instead of having to sit there and blow the bubbles yourself, you can let the machine do all the hard work while you sit back and watch your kid chase them around in awe.

There are many machines on the market. Not all of them are suited for child use. Here's some information you might find useful on your search.

How Do Bubble Machines Work?

Bubble blowers have the ability to produce hundreds of floating spheres in a matter of minutes. That's far more than what we can do with our own lungs.

All machines are made up of a few basic components. Of course, the quality of those components will have a pretty dramatic effect on how the machine performs.

The most crucial part of any device is the fan. It's responsible for producing the air that's used to fill those little balls of soap. Fans are powered by an electric motor, which gets its juice from a battery or outlet.

These components are fine-tuned to produce great bubbles. Instead of blowing the fastest wind possible, they're built to provide a consistent stream of air for an ongoing supply of floating spheres. 

To create bubbles, machines also need a turning wand disc. At first glance, this piece looks like the old wands we know and love from our childhood.

However, the small plastic circles are attached to a rotating disc that's constantly moving through the soap. Every time it takes a dip, the thin soapy film is created. Different wand sizes can result in smaller or bigger bubbles.

Speaking of soap, the last important element is the liquid tank. To make bubbles, you need soap! The holding tank keeps the wand disc saturated in the stuff.

The size of the tank, plus the speed of the disc, contribute to the length of time the machine will make bubbles before it needs a refill.

The Difference Between Professional Machines and Child Machines

On your hunt for your child's bubble machine, you'll probably encounter a lot of professional equipment.

These machines are suited for big event venues. While you may think that they'll do just fine for your kid's amusement, they're not recommended.

You see, professional machines are built to fill up a large space. They often have larger reservoirs and more powerful fans to create a significant supply of fresh bubbles.

They're certainly not made for your home or backyard. No matter how much you love bubbles, nothing can prepare you for the soapy mess professional equipment will make.

Not only that, but these machines aren't very conducive to a fun and peaceful environment. In a loud club venue or party, the music drowns out the noise they produce.

However, in your home, you'll hear everything. The constant roaring of a fan and turning of mechanical gears isn't exactly something your young child will want to hear when they're chasing bubbles around.

How to Choose the Best Bubble Machine

With so many products out there designed to serve different purposes, it's important that you put some extra thought into choosing a bubble machine for your child.

If your son or daughter plans on using the device themselves, it's best to go with a machine that's child-friendly, safe, and fun.


Nothing can take a fun-loving child out imagination land quite like a big piece of industrial equipment. Avoid any options that are built with commercial use in mind. A big black box won't inspire your bundle of joy to have fun.

Instead, go with something that's colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Many child-focused bubble machines are made out of the same type of plastic used in their toys. The material is often colored with vibrant hues that can make their mind soar.


The size of the bubble machine can change the way you use it. Do you plan on placing it on the floor or up high on a shelf so that the soapy bubbles can float? If you're leaning towards the latter option, you'll need to go with something that's light and portable.

Power Source

Machines can be powered by batteries or a standard outlet. The best option comes down to personal preference.

Wired machines are generally more reliable in terms of performance. You won't have to worry about waning strength or recurring battery purchases. However, the cord limits where you put the bubble maker.

On the other hand, batteries offer complete portability. Though, depending on how powerful the fan blower is, you may end up spending a pretty penny on batteries.

Operational Noise

All bubble machines are going to produce some noise. In most cases, smaller options are going to be a lot quieter than bigger ones.

Before the bubbles start flowing, your child is not going to know what the machine is for. With louder equipment, you run the risk of startling your baby and ruining the moment.

Soap Reservoir

As I mentioned earlier, the size of the soap tank will directly affect how long the machine will run. For the occasional play session outside, you don't need a larger reservoir.

You can simply provide a refill whenever it gets low. However, if you're supplying bubbles for your child's party, that may be a different story. A larger tank will let you focus on the fun without having to worry about keeping an eye on the soap.

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind

Having a bubble machine in your home can be a real joy, but they do come with their caveats. If not used appropriately, they can pose a safety risk.

The most immediate danger comes from electronics. Younger children are very inquisitive and may want to get close to the machine. It should always be kept out of reach until your kid gets a bit older so that they don't experience a shock.

Another thing you may want to think about is the soap itself. While most don't realize it, there are actually a lot of different bubble machine liquids available.

In addition to the standard solution, there are formulas that are designed to prolong the life of the bubble, add a unique shine, and even change their color. 

Those fluids with all the extra bells are whistles aren't the best for your little tike. They may contain chemicals that make their desired effect happen. It's better to stick with the standard bubble solution. Even then, you should keep a watchful eye on your child.

The ingredients in the solution are low on the toxicity scale, but they can create unwanted reactions if consumed. Eating or drinking the liquid can result in a burning sensation, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Bubble machines should also be used in a safe outdoor environment. Those small balls of air will ultimately pop on the ground, leaving behind a slippery residue.

We parents know how clumsy kids can get. Throw a soapy floor into the mix and it's only a matter of time until you have to console an injury. To keep everyone safe, have fun in the grass or a non-porous floor, such as carpet.

Top Bubble Machines

1byone Bubble Machine

With its sleek and simple design, this automatic bubble maker will fit right in with your home decor. It's made out of durable white thermoplastic.

This machine is built to be used by adults and kids alike. Simple controls make it easy to operate. There's a single knob on the top, which controls the fan speed. 

Two speeds are available. One is suited for indoor use while the other can produce a flurry of bubbles outside. The great thing about this option is that it can be powered by both batteries and a power cord.

If you do use it outside, there's a built-in handle that does double-duty as a stand. The soap tank holds over 12 ounces of fluid, providing you with two hours of bubbles.


  • check
    Simple neutral design
  • check
    Two fan speed settings
  • check
    Can be powered by batteries or an included power cord
  • Large soap reservoir
  • Portable


  • exclamation-triangle
    Can be loud on the highest setting
  • Wands don't reach to the bottom of the reservoir, leaving solution unused

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine

One glance at this device and it's evident that the machine is catered towards kids. It's made out of a clear plastic that lets you see all the mechanical components working behind the scenes. The material is tinted yellow and purple, giving it a very unique look.

In terms of size, the machine is quite small. It weighs less than 2 pounds. Batteries are used as a power source, making it a very portable option.

The controls are simple as well. With a simple flip of a switch, the fan turns on and the wand starts turning to create a steady flow of bubbles.


  • check
    Fun, kid-centric design
  • Simple operation
  • Powered by batteries for portability
  • Includes liquid solution
  • Low noise level
  • Reservoir funnel


  • exclamation-triangle
    Smaller reservoir requires more frequent refills

YIZI Bubble Machine

This gadget from YIZI is simple. The shell is made out of durable ABS plastic. This material is tough enough to withstand some wear and tear if your child gets ahold of it.

The plastic is colored in a selection of vibrant shades, adding to the fun. It's a portable machine that's powered by batteries. There's even a molded handle on the top that you can use to carry it around.

Setting the machine up is simple. There's a single button to turn it on. The tank is also flexible in terms of how you pour the solution in. There's no designated funnel or opening. Just pour it into the area below the wand and it will collect in the reservoir.


  • check
    Colorful plastic body
  • Built-in handle
  • One-button operation
  • Powered by batteries
  • Low noise level


  • exclamation-triangle
    Shallow soap tank

KidzLane Bubble Machine

If you're looking for a unique bubble maker for a kid's room, this option may be for you. The housing is molded in the shape of a dolphin.

The wand is hidden in the dolphin's mouth, making it look like its spitting out bubbles. Powering the fan is an electric motor. It's designed to be quiet and efficient, even when its placed outdoors.

The bubble maker uses batteries. The "ON" switch is conveniently located on the back of the device, on the tip of the dolphin's fin. There are no complicated settings to worry about. Simply press the button and watch it go. It's capable of producing as much as 500 bubbles per minute.


  • check
    Low-noise electric motor
  • 6-ounce soap reservoir
  • One-button operation
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Stable base that prevents accidental tipping


  • exclamation-triangle
    Wand disc may get stuck if solution dries

Biulotter Bubble Machine

This bubble machine from Builotter has a similar theme to the previous option. However, it operates very differently. It's capable of creating a cloud of up to 2,000 bubbles every minute.

The dolphin-shaped blower doesn't use a traditional wand disc. This is because of the location of the fan. It's on the top of the dolphin's head, causing the bubbles to flow up into the air instead of the side. As a result, it's best suited for outdoor use with a bit of wind.

The body is made of molded ABS plastic for durability. Innovative features, such as the notched tail and large air outlet, help to cut down on the gadget's overall weight. They also keep the machine cool so that it can run longer. 


  • check
    Can blow up to 2,000 bubbles a minute
  • Quiet operation
  • Made out of durable ABS plastic
  • Fun dolphin design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powered by batteries


  • exclamation-triangle
    Blows bubble straight up rather than at an angle

Every single one of these options can help you have fun with your kids. However, the 1byone bubble machine offers the most versatility. From a design standpoint, it's a piece of equipment that can work in virtually any environment. 

Whether you decide to put it in your child's room or use it for a larger event, the glossy white plastic is pleasant to look at and doesn't clash with surrounding decor.

When it comes to performance and functionality, this bubble blower can do a lot more than the alternatives. All of the other machines could only operate in a single setting. This one, however, has two settings that are designed for different uses.

The manufacturers even give you two separate power options so that you always have a way to get the bubbles you're after. Despite all of these great features, the machine isn't difficult to use.

It has a large reservoir that can last for a couple of hours and a simple knob to choose the setting that's right for you. After that, it's all about popping the bubbles with your child and having fun.

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