Best Glass Baby Bottles Of 2020

All parents want the very best for their babies, and so choosing the safest and most reliable products that are available to us is important. Choosing the right baby bottles is especially important, as these products are in contact with our little-loved ones several times a day.

Below, we have discussed why parents should consider using glass bottles instead of plastic and have reviewed the five best glass baby bottles currently on the market.

Why Glass Baby Bottles are Safer Than Plastic

While many people turn to plastic bottles for convenience and lower prices, they should be aware that the plastic options may pose a health risk to their infants. To ensure that plastic bottles are durable, manufacturers construct many of them with hard polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is stronger than other plastic types but is known to contain the chemical BPA.

According to experts on the Livestrong website, BPA is dangerous for everyone but is especially of concern when ingested by infants and young children. The chemical has been linked to hormonal imbalances in children and acts as a form of estrogen once it enters the body. In high enough amounts, this can begin to cause issues with a baby's development over time.

Baby bottles are frequently heated up with milk already inside of them, and the addition of heat allows for the chemical BPA to leach out of the plastic faster and in greater quantities. For this reason, glass baby bottles are the safer option for parents to consider. Glass is naturally free from BPA and comes with its fair share of other advantages that we will discuss below.

Other Advantages of Glass Bottles Over Plastic Bottles

It is important to keep baby bottles clean and sterile for the safety and health of our little ones. For this reason, glass baby bottles are superior to their plastic competitors. Since glass can hold up to extreme heat better than plastic, these bottles can be boiled for sterilization without warping in shape or leaching toxic chemicals. They are also easy to rinse out and keep clean than the film on plastic bottles.

Additionally, glass bottles last far longer than plastic ones overall. Many plastic bottles will warp after too many washings, sterilizations, or falls. Many of us find ourselves needing to replace these bottles frequently, which can become an annoying expense on top of diapers, formulas, toys, clothes, and other baby accessories.

However, glass baby bottles will last for years to come, saving parents money in the long-run. It is easy to get away with only having a few of these high-quality bottles at home, even throughout future pregnancies.

​Another advantage to choosing glass over plastic bottles is the environmental impact. Glass bottles are completely recyclable, while many plastic bottles are not because of the polycarbonate materials.

Even if a glass bottle becomes chipped or a parent no longer needs it, it offers some peace of mind knowing that the bottle won't end up taking up space in our landfills for years to come.

​How to Choose Glass Baby Bottles

There are a few things that parents should keep in mind while shopping for the right glass baby bottles. For safety reasons, the durability of the bottle should be of importance to parents.

While most glass bottles are made with tempered glass that is pretty resistant to cracking and breaking, all glass does pose the risk of breaking if dropped hard enough.

Even a small chip in the glass could create a sharp edge that a baby, or even a parent, could cut themselves on. One way to play it safe is to look for glass bottles that are protected with a layer of impact-absorbing silicone or rubber.

Another thing to look for while choosing the right glass baby bottles is the item's weight. Glass is already a lot heavier than plastic, which makes dropping bottles a possibility for small children.

Buying smaller bottles may help with this. It will require more refills of the bottle, but the cut in weight and bulkiness comes in handy. This is also perfect for parents who carry around an already stuffed and heavy diaper bag.

Finally, parents should look for a bottle with a nipple that is suitable for their babies needs. Bottle nipples come in different sizes for different stages of growth and development.

While these can be easily swapped out after purchase, it is important to know that not all nipples are compatible with all bottles. Vented nipples, which help reduce gas as your baby drinks, are often made specifically for a certain brand and size of the bottle.

Reviews of the 5 Best Glass Baby Bottles

Philips Avent 4-Ounce Natural Glass Bottle​

Philips Avent 4-Ounce Natural Glass Bottle

The Philip Avent Natural Glass Bottle is a 4-ounce bottle that is small, easy to hold, and comfortable for both parents and babies. This bottle is best suited for newborn infants in their first stage of development. Made from borosilicate, the Philips Avent bottle is durable and more resistant to damage from a fall than regular glass.

Chips, sharp edges, and cracks are not common, so both parents and babies are safe. Dropping is less common with this bottle anyway, as the shape has been designed for a firm and comfortable grasp.

The bottle's breast-shaped nipple mimics the feel of natural breastfeeding, so babies are more likely to latch on or transition between the two. This nipple has also been designed with double-valve technology, so less air is swallowed by the baby.

What We Liked

  • Twin valves reduce the likelihood of uncomfortable gas and colic.
  • The wider than average neck on this bottle makes cleaning it easier and reduces spills during fillings.
  • This bottle utilizes as few parts as possible, making it simple to put together.

What We Didn't Like

  • To reduce spare parts, this bottle has been made without a ring seal. This means that leakage is more likely to happen if extra care isn't put into sealing the lid.
  • The glass is not protected with a silicone sleeve.

Lifefactory 4-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

​This 4-ounce bottle from Lifefactory is available in pink, yellow, and green, featuring the preferred color on an impact-resistant silicone sleeve. It features a Stage 1 nipple that is best recommended for newborn infants between 0-3 months old, but the nipples can be swapped out with most standard sized nipples later on.

Because this bottle is constructed with thermal shock-resistant glass, it can easily be moved from the freezer to boiling water, saving parents prep and cleaning time. Lifefactory bottles are convenient and long-lasting because as a baby grows the nipples can be replaced with the Lifefactory Sippy tops. This will save parents money in the long run and ensure that sippy cups are safe and BFA-free.

What We Liked

  • This glass bottle is protected in a colorful and impact-resistant silicone sleeve.
  • Far less likely to take damage during a fall that regular glass bottles.
  • This bottle is small, lightweight, and easy to hold for both parents and developing babies.

What We Didn't Like

  • The small and narrow nipple on these bottles may collapse as a baby feeds, making it challenging to latch on correctly.
  • This bottle's nipple is not vented, which may cause more gas to occur after feeding.

Natursutten 8-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

Natursutten 8-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

The Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle hold 8 ounces of fluid, and the nipples can be changed to suit a baby's development and age. Made from borosilicate glass, this bottle is thermally protected and resistant to shattering, making it one of the safest glass options.

It features an all-natural rubber nipple that is free from harmful toxins and chemicals and is also extremely comfortable for delicate baby mouths. This encourages latching and easy transition from breast to bottle feeding. The nipple has small air vents which keep babies comfortable after feeding by reducing gas.​

What We Liked

  • This bottle's nipple is designed to keep the flow of liquid slow, which is safer and easier to handle for newborns.
  • The vented nipple helps reduce air intake and colic.
  • Natursutten bottle nipples are designed to be extra soft to mimic the feel of breastfeeding.

What We Didn't Like

  • Without silicone sleeve protection, this bottle may be at risk of chipping or cracking if dropped hard enough.
  • This slim bottle has a smaller opening, which makes cleaning more difficult and time-consuming.
  • These bottles do not fit most breast pumps.

Evenflo 4-Ounce Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottle

Evenflo 4-Ounce Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottle

These glass bottles from Evenflo hold 4-ounces of fluid and feature a unique shape that stands out from other glass bottles. The twisted design of the glass makes it easier for growing babies to grasp and control the bottle themselves.

It also makes the already lightweight bottle more comfortable for parents to hold for extended periods of time. The tempered glass is incredibly sturdy, freezer compatible, and easy to disinfect in boiling water.

Micro air vents in the bottle's nipple keep it from collapsing in a baby's mouth and also reduces unnecessary air intake during feeding.​

What We Liked

  • The bottle's innovative shape makes grasping easy for growing babies.
  • These 4-ounce bottles are small enough to throw easily into a diaper bag without much-added weight.
  • Evenflo feature a standard neck size, making them compatible with most breast pumps.

What We Didn't Like

  • These bottles may have a flow too fast for newborns.
  • The plastic ring that seals this bottle can leak if not carefully secured before feeding or transport.

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

Lifefactory 4-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

This glass bottle is similar to Lifefactory's 4-ounce version but designed for parents who prefer a larger size. It comes in several different colors. This bottle features a Stage 2 nipple and is best suited for babies aging 3-6 months old.

Although the larger size adds some weight to this bottle, it also adds convenience for parents who don't have time to be refilling the 4-ounce options constantly. This could come in hand when leaving the house for a few hours.

The tempered glass bottle is protected in a colorful silicone sleeve from falls and chipping. The sleeve has small raised dots along the surface, adding a textured no-slip grip.​

What We Liked

  • This bottle is protected from damage with a medical-grade silicone sleeve.
  • A textured grip makes holding the large bottle easier and prevents slipping.
  • This glass bottle can be boiled for disinfecting, even right out of the freezer for your convenience.

What We Didn't Like

  • Unlike many bottles, the Lifefactory products do not have measurement marks on the side.
  • Without being ventilated, the nipple on this bottle may sometimes collapse.


All five of these bottles have their fair shares of advantages over disadvantages, but we feel that the Lifefactory 4-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle is the clear winner of this roundup.

It meets all of the criteria for choosing the ideal glass bottle. It is small, lightweight, free from dangerous toxins, and is given and an additional layer of protection with its colorful silicone sleeve.

Parents are encouraged to consider these glass bottles over their plastic competitors, and the Lifefactory 4-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle is a great place to start. The appeal is even further increased by the fact that this safe, durable, and BPA-free bottle is compatible with sippy tops and all stage nipples so that it can grow with your baby through development.​

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