Best Toddler Rainboots Of 2020

What child can resist the fun of splashing around in a giant water puddle? My kids will run straight towards any shiny puddle they see, giggling the entire way.

As parents, it often our first instinct to grab their arm and keep them contained. However, puddling splashing and playing out in wet environments can do a lot to help with their development. Plus, it's just plain fun!

Before you let your toddler explore their wet surroundings, they're going to need the right footwear. The best toddler rainboots can keep your bundle of joy safe, protected, and dry.

The toddler market is flooded with cute rainboots to choose from. To ensure that you get a pair that's right for your child, there are some things to consider.

What Are the Benefits of Toddler Rainboots?

Rainboots aren't just a fashion accessory. They're also a tool for discovery! Playing outside when its wet gives your child the opportunity to experience new things beyond the confines of your safe and secure home.

As much as we'd like to shield our kids from all the potential dangers out there, giving them a bit of freedom to roam can be very beneficial in this crucial developmental stage. Water play lets your child have new sensory experiences.

While shiny black puddles may seem simple enough to us adults, they're a new and exciting thing for young tikes. Simple stepping in a puddle and watching how the ripples affect leaves and dirt can be a big learning opportunity.

When your offspring decides to take a leap of faith and jump in, they're unwittingly developing their motor skills. That simple activity requires coordination, balance, and most of all, courage. 

And what about when it's time to go back inside and your kid notices that they're tracking mud with every step? That's a great time to let them discover what happens when dirt and water become one. They can explore their sense of touch and start to create connections between how rainwater changes the world around them. 

I don't know about you, but I have very fond memories of walking through the schoolyard and wanting nothing more than to see what those distant puddles were hiding.

With the best pair of toddler rainboots, your child won't have to wonder. They can jump right in and see for themselves, all while staying dry.

How Toddler Rainboots Can Keep Your Child Safe

Even with all the great developmental benefits that could come from splashing around, your child still needs some from protection from the risks. There's no denying that toddlers are very clumsy.

They're just getting used to walking upright. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, children between the ages of zero and four are the second most at-risk group for head injuries. They're only second to the elderly. Slip and fall accidents are a very real thing you should be concerned with. 

Rainboots can do a lot to prevent accidents from occurring. Most are made out of durable rubber and have soles that are specifically designed to provide a bit more traction.

They're a must-have anytime your little tike walks outside in a wet environment. Whether they're walking in a muddy garden or taking a stroll over slick concrete, a solid pair of rainboots can keep them stable.

Beyond the risk of falling, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the problem of getting sick. Children aren't immune to cold viruses like we are. While adults typically get as much as four colds a year, children can catch as many as ten colds a year!

Rainboots can keep your child dry and reduce the risks of catching a cold. These boots tend to rise up high above the ankles, allowing you to tuck their pants in for an ultra-secure fit. Pair the boots with a long raincoat and your kid can stay completely dry as they splash around outside.

Features to Look For

You put a lot of thought into the things you buy for your child. Rainboots should be no different. In fact, you should be putting a bit more thought into your rainboot purchase because of how much these little accessories can keep them safe. In addition to style and design, here are a few things to look out for.


Rainboots come in a range of sizes. However, unlike standard toddler shoes, many aren't available in half sizes. If your child normally wears a half size, it's best to round up and get a pair that's slightly bigger.

They'll have the opportunity to grow into them. Also, it's good to consider the width of your child's feet. If they're on the wider side, you need to stick with options that have a large rounded toe. Do not go with a bigger length size, as this could lead to stability issues as they walk.

Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the shaft that goes around your child's leg. How much of your kid's leg do you want to protect? Taller rainboots can prevent water from accidentally dripping in. Though, taller shafts often come the sacrifice of less mobility.


When it comes to rainboots, rubber is the way to go. Rubber is non-permeable material that's completely waterproof. There's no need to worry about water seeping through.

Another great option would be lightweight PVC. Leather and vinyl boots do exist, but they often have vulnerable points around the stitches that could cause your child's socks to be soaked.

Sole Design

Last, but least, there's the design of the sole. As I mentioned earlier, the best toddler rainboots will have slip-proof soles. Look out for large lugs that are capable of redirecting water away from key pressure points on your child's foot.

These options have more traction than smooth boots, helping your young explorer stay upright on slick surfaces.

Top Rainboots for Your Toddler

Here's a great selection of rainboots that can keep your toddler safe and dry.

LoneCone Rainboots

These cute and quirky rainboots from LoneCone are designed to inspire whimsy in any child. The boots are available in many different design schemes, allowing you to choose a pair that matches your child's personality.

When it comes time to splash around, you can teach your kid to put them on by themselves. Two durable handles are installed on the top of the uppers to make slipping the boots on a breeze.

The outside of the boots are made out of BPA-free rubber. It's flexible, yet tough enough to keep water out. The bottom features a non-slip tread design.

Thick texturizes lugs and deep water channels can prevent water from throwing off your child's balance. Inside the boots, a soft cotton lining is included. It can prevent chaffing, though it's always recommended that socks be worn with any pair of rainboots.


  • check
    Easy pull-up handles 
  • check
    Available in a large array of colors and patterns
  • Made of flexible rubber
  • Non-slip treads
  • Cotton liner


  • exclamation-triangle
    Rubber may crack with heavy use
  • exclamation-triangle
    Cotton lining may hold water if not properly covered

Crocss Kids Handle It Rainboots

From the Crocs brand is this pair of kid-friendly rainboots. Like many other products from Crocs, these boots are molded as one single piece of synthetic rubber. The unique manufacturing process ensures that there are no vulnerable seams whatsoever. 

The boots rise up approximately five inches up from the arch of the foot, providing ample coverage. On top of the boots, there are two easy pull-up handles.

They can be used by your child to put the boots on themselves, giving them a bit of independence while getting dressed. 

The soles of the boots have tiny dots that can improve traction slightly as your kid walks. However, the water channels underneath could be a bit deeper to make the boots truly non-slip.


  • check
    Built-in pull-up handles
  • Made of synthetic rubber
  • Waterproof design
  • Available in many bright colors


  • exclamation-triangle
    No slip-proof sole
  • Narrow sizing

Outee Toddler Rainboots

These rainboots from Outee are made out of 100% natural rubber. The durable material is able to flex with your child's feet as they walk.

It's also completely waterproof to avoid soaked feet. There's even an extra ribbon or reinforcement where the uppers meet the soles. The soles feature a non-slip tread design. 

Inside, there's a cotton lining. There's also a unique comfort insole. The insole is designed to absorb some shock and give kids some extra padding underfoot.

The insole can be removed if you ever need to clean the boots out. There are plenty of fun designs available. Like other option on this list, there are also two pull-up handles on each boot.


  • check
    Easy-on Handles
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Waterproof design
  • Available in many fun designs
  • Removable insole


  • exclamation-triangle
    Cotton lining can hold on to moisture and sweat

Mofever Toddler Light-Up Rainboots

Don't let the cutesy look of these rainboots fool you. They're more than ready to keep your little adventurer's feet dry.

The uppers are made out of a durable PVC material. Like rubber, this synthetic material is completely waterproof. The added perk of PVC is that it's also lightweight.

Inside the boots, you'll find a patterned polyester lining. The boots are available in many cool design schemes. Some of them are even covered in sparkling glitter for your little princess.

However, the most unique feature is the light-up heel. With every step, the heels flash a series of colorful lights. Not only do they look cool, but they can also help you keep an eye out on your child as they play.


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    List Element
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    List Element


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    List Element
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    List Element

KomForme K Kids Rainboots for Girls

With the fun designs and bright colors, your little girl can express their own personal style as they splash around.

These rainboots are available in 14 different styles. Some of them even have rubber ribbons and three-dimensional elements.

The entire boot is made out of 100 percent natural rubber. The soles are made out of rubber as well, though it's molded with an integrated non-slip design for better traction.

The soles are also quite flexible, making the boots more comfortable to walk around in. The built-in handles up top are reinforced with an extra ribbon of rubber for longevity.

There's a soft cotton lining inside. It can be beneficial in the winter months to keep your child's feet warm, though this only applies if it stays dry.


  • check
    Cute designs
  • Made of 100 percent rubber
  • Molded non-slip soles
  • Easy-on handles


  • exclamation-triangle
    Cotton lining may hold onto moisture


Truth be told, any one of these rainboots are better than having no rainboots at all. Each option has great waterproofing features to keep your young one dry no matter how vigorously they play.

With that being said, the boots from Outee have a lot to offer. The natural rubber material used on the boots is very tough and waterproof. 

However, the rubber also manages to be flexible enough to remain comfortable through hours of play. The anti-slip treads on the bottom are quite thick, which can make all the difference if your child is splashing around on hard concrete.

The thing that set these boots apart from others on the list is the inclusion of a removable insole. That extra layer of comfort can make a huge difference in how your little one moves.

While there is a cotton lining that could prove to be problematic if it gets wet, you can easily dry the boots out and give them a good cleaning with some simple soap. All in all, these boots are solidly built and have a fun design that can complement your child's adventurous attitude.

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